Kagay-an Lokal Musik Fest

Centrio Mall introduces Kagay-an Lokal Musik Fest, a 5-day music festivity to give pride to local bands of Cagayan de Oro. Listen to the  music of the following bands in this event...

  • The Locals

  • John Fernandez

  • Acoustix Band

  • The Superflirts

  • DC Rak & Kuyawa Band

  • Sounds of the Junkyard

  • Fruhstuk

  • Banda ni Papet

  • Dear

  • Juan Enrico

  • CA Acoustics

  • Soulful Bliss

  • Miguel’s Band

  • Sound Mist

  • Baby Gravy

Enjoy a music festival here at Centrio Mall from August 25-29, 8-11PM at the Centrio Garden.

Kagay-an Lokal Musik Fest

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 Winners

Ms Cagayan de Oro 2013

Congrats Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 Amadea Lucia T. Piatti of Baranggay Consolacion!

Ms Cagayan de Oro 2013 Tourism

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 Tourism Kristia Jolina Alde of Baranggay Patag. 

Ms Cagayan de Oro 2013 1st Runner up

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 1st Runner up Mary Mikaela Montalban of Barangay Lapasan.

Miss CDO 2013 4th runner up

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 3rd Runner up Keena Alyssa Prell Dacubor of Barangay Tablon. 

Miss CDO 2013 3rd runner up

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 4th Runner up Mary Joy Obsioma of Barangay Canitoan.

Miss Cagayan de Oro 2013 Special Awards:

  • Miss LeRouge: Cydiee Chin Anas Simene

  • Miss London Eyelash: Kristia Jolina Buendia Alde

  • Miss Stargate Dream Vacation Resort: Keena Streegan Dacubor

  • Miss Sanctuary Spa: Amadea Piatti

  • Miss Peak Review Center: Keena Dacubor

  • Miss Hairscape Salon: Amadea Piatti

  • Miss Natasha Cagayan de Oro: Mary Mikaela Montalban

  • Best in Mags Casual Wear: Amadea Piatti

  • Miss GMA Kapuso: Amadea Piatti

  • Miss myPhone:  Kristia Alde

  • Miss Rejuv Ginseng: Amadea Piatti

  • Miss Myra 300E: Amadea Piatti

  • Miss Primavera Residences:  Amadea Piatti

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