The Loop: Hassle Free Living for Young Families

Most young couples and start-up families have a specific checklist in mind when looking for a new home. The rule is to find one where they can live in comfort, convenience, and safety, especially when they have kids.

While most residential options in Cagayan de Oro fall short of these criteria, The Loop easily surpasses it all. A two-tower, 25-storey landmark condominium development of Vista Residences, The Loop offers modern high-rise homes that fit the lifestyle of newlyweds and start-up families.

Comfortable living. It offers comfortable living with its space-savvy condo units, from studio to one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom units. All are thoughtfully and carefully planned and designed with the dweller's comfort in mind.

Newlyweds and young couples will thrive in a studio or one-bedroom unit--versatile living options that can be cleaned fast and easy. It allows couples to move around fast and with ease, giving them more time to enjoy other pursuits together.

Young families with kids will find it comfortable living in a two- or three-bedroom condo unit. With the children's room adjacent to the master bedroom, parents can rest easy knowing their kids are close, safe, and happy.

Monitoring the kids will also be a breeze even as parents prepare the family meal at the kitchen area, as they can easily see the little ones watching TV, or playing with toys or with each other at the living area.

The comfortable lifestyle goes beyond the condo units and to the whole condo property as well. From the spacious lobby with its wide, comfortable seats, 24-hour concierge, and posh but homey ambiance, residents will instantly feel at home upon stepping into The Loop.

The clubhouse called The Canopy is located at the ground level to make it easily accessible to residents who may want to relax at the lounge, or get some invigorating laps at the swimming pool while the young ones have their own fun at the kiddie pool or play area.

Taking the resident's comfort a notch higher, The Loop offers an in-house fitness gym so residents don't need to leave home to do their exercise regimen. There's also a multi-purpose hall to hang around or meet friends and neighbors for an intimate social gathering.

For those who want some quiet and fantastic views of CDO, The Loop has the Sky Gardens at the penthouse level. With live plants providing a refreshing green surrounding, the Sky Garden also gives a panoramic view of the city, distant mountains, and CDO's famous  Macajalar Bay.

Convenience at its best. To rise along Rosario Crescent at the Limketkai Center, The Loop is strategically located within the central business and entertainment district of CDO, making it proximate to desired destinations and locations.

Going to work is fast and convenient, with public transport available right outside the condo property. Residents can also drive the short distance from The Loop's central location to the workplace, or simply walk to modern office buildings within Limketkai Center.

With schools and universities only a few minutes away, dropping off and picking up the kids from school will not be a problem. And if breakfast out is part of the morning itinerary, food chains and coffee shops are easily accessible within Limketkai.

Going home is quick and sweet with the short ride or drive back home. A need to buy food or grocery items before heading home is quickly solved by a stop at any of the supermarkets, grocery, and convenience stores near The Loop.

If the kids are a little frisky for some drink or snack after being picked up from school, a visit to any of the fastfood chains and snack bars nearby will make them happy.

The busy parent who needs to attend company events or business meetings outside the office can easily come home to The Loop for some quality time with the family, have a change of clothes, and drive over to the event within the central business district.

Convenience is the rule at The Loop not only during work and school week, but also during weekends. Newlyweds or young families don't need to go far for some weekend leisure as they can either walk, ride or drive the short distance to hundreds of dining, shopping, and recreation options in Limketkai.

Whether it's shopping, watching movies, dining out, or hanging out at their favorite coffee shop, residents will find everything within easy reach and access, including bringing kids to the clinic for their regular checkup, or to the arcade for some fun and games.

Safety for peace of mind. Everyone wants to be assured their loved ones are safe and sound inside their home even when they are not around. With The Loop's security system, its residents are safe within the condo community.

There is round-the-clock security and the concierge staff are trained to safeguard the wellbeing and privacy of the residents as well as the exclusivity of The Loop. Those planning a long trip or vacation can also lock and go, as they get the peace of mind knowing their condo home is in a secure environment.

With everything set in place for a safe, convenient, and comfortable living at The Loop, young couples and families can fully enjoy their modern, stylish, and hassle-free lifestyle.

To learn more about fuss-free condo living, visit:
The Loop Business Hub at Rosario Crescent Street
Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro
COntact Number: 0917-8102445


National Geographic Cites Primavera Residences’ Developer as one of the ‘New Philippine Business Leaders’

Cagayan de Oro City—Officers of the young and dynamic green property firm that is behind the development of Primavera Residences — the city’s first eco-friendly, mixed-use condominium development — have been recently cited as one of the country’s “new business leaders” by National Geographic.

In an article published in the February 2014 issue of the legendary magazine, ITPI Corp. (Italpinas Euroasian Design and Eco-Development Corporation) was noted for leading the country’s push into sustainable architecture and green property development.

The National Geographic cited ITPI for specializing in property development “with environmentally sound and affordable architectural design.” The official publication of the National Geographic Society, the National Geographic magazine has been published since 1888.

In the article, which featured two other upcoming property developers that are seen as movers in their own sectors, Primavera Residences was also noted for its being an award-winning property that has gained international recognition for its best-in-class passive cooling design and other sustainable architecture features.

We design eco-friendly lifestyle solutions and incorporate them into energy-smart buildings and residential units for the middle-market,” the National Geographic quoted ITPI Executive Chairman and CEO Italian Architect Romolo V. Nati as saying. Both Nati and his Filipino partner, Atty. Jojo Leviste, were noted by the magazine as people who are “something of visionary(ies).

According to the National Geographic: “Primavera Residences’ design combines contemporary aesthetics with natural airflow through inner spaces. (Its) architectural elements (are) designed precisely for the location’s latitude, and the building’s surface (is) shaded from the sun throughout the year.

This design has been cited as one of Asia’s top 10 clean energy projects because of its capacity to help residents save as much as 32% on air-conditioning consumption,” the magazine also said.

National Geographic also said: “Leviste is particularly pleased that ITPI’s elegant design solutions have been compared to the architecture of the bahay kubo, the indigenous bamboo-and-thatch huts that predate Spanish colonisation.

It quoted Leviste as maintaining that: “Eco-friendly buildings do not have to cost a lot and they don’t have to be high-tech.

We want to change the perception of green building from being expensive to being something regular people can afford,” National Geographic also quoted Arch. Nati as saying.

So far, Primavera Residences has already won two awards:

  • The Most Promising Clean Energy Investment Opportunities from the Climate Technology Initiative-Private Financing Advisory Networks (CTI-PFAN) in 2010, given at the Asia Forum for Clean Energy Financing held in Makati.CTI-PFAN is the Private Financing Advisory Network (PFAN) initiated by the Climate Technology Initiative (CTI) in cooperation with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Expert Group on Technology Transfer. PFAN operates to bridge the gap between investments and clean energy businesses.

  • One of the Best Condo Developments in the Philippines from the 2011 South East Asia Property Awards at a ceremony held at Singapore.

Ayala Land's Alegria Hills

Alegria Hills - Ayala Land
Alegria Hills, following the Spanish word “Alegria” which stands for joy and merriment, is Ayala Land’s first residential offering in Mindanao.

Alegria Hills Cagayan de Oro City (2)
Alegria Hills is the perfect location if your looking for a residential subdivision in Cagayan de Oro that is peaceful and at the same time offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Cagayan de Oro City, the mountains and Macajalar Bay. No need to worry about the travel because the subdivision is just 10 minutes away from Divisoria or Limketkai Mall.

Not only does it have a guardhouse, landscape entrance and scenic road but also various facilities and amenities available to the residents:

  • Central park

  • Chapel

  • Clubhouse and Multi-Purpose Hall

  • Covered Basketball

  • Badminton

  • Fitness Gym

  • Infinity Swimming Pool

  • View deck

Alegria Hills Cagayan de Oro City (9)

Alegria Hills Cagayan de Oro City (4)

Alegria Hills Cagayan de Oro City (3)

Alegria Hills Cagayan de Oro City (16)

Alegria Hills Cagayan de Oro City (18)

Alegria Hills Cagayan de Oro City (19)

Right now the lots for Sale is the Phase 1 with 7 lots available. The lot sizes varies between 377 sq.m and 745 sq.m. Phase 2 is said to be launch this 2nd quarter of the year. This is accessible in 3 different routes; Barangays Macasandig, Camaman-an and Indahag.

Alegria Hills Map
If your interested fell free to contact them at 0916 122 7708 or visit Alegria Hills official website.

CDO Lifestyle: Pueblo de Oro Golf Estates One Bedroom Apartments Review

Review post on Pueblo de Oro Golf Estates.

Before I got married, I had a series of one bedroom apartments back in the U.S. that suited my needs just fine. As a matter of fact, I really loved them, and for a couple of different reason. Now, I must reiterate that they were great for the time, and I am quite happy with the three bedroom home in which we live now with our two children which we bought from Cagayan de Oro Real Estate website. At the time, however, I found that there were so many advantages to having a one bedroom apartment that I could never imagine living anywhere else.

The biggest advantage of all to one bedroom apartments is the cleaning. They are usually quite small, so it does not take long to get them immaculate. I will freely admit that I am a neat freak and cannot stand the idea of a dirty home, and I would literally devote time every day to cleaning, but it was not much. Even the women in my life would comment on how clean my bathroom was, and how I must spend a lot of time working on it, and the reality is that I did not. It was so small that it was very easy to keep clean.

Along those lines, because most one bedroom apartments are so small, and mine were certainly no exception, we never had parties my place with me and my other friends. It may seem odd to say this, but it was quite a relief knowing that my apartment would not be the one to get trashed, have vomit on the floor or food spilled everywhere or have a dozen people crashed out all over the place. The parties we had were always with my friends who had bigger places, and that was just fine with me.

Another great advantage to one bedroom apartments is that you do not have to worry about having any pesky roommates. Don't get me wrong, I am a very social person and I love being around people, but I also like to have my privacy and be alone as well. With my one bedroom apartments, that was never an issue for me, and I was always able to have time to myself whenever I so desired. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but it was something that I treasure immensely!

One bedroom apartments certainly have their advantages, and I appreciated all of them. When I finally moved into a house, it was time, and I do not regret that decision. I will always, however, look back on that time in my life with fondness and remember all of the great times that I had.

[caption id="attachment_2005" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Pueblo Golf Estates Photo from Pueblo Golf Estates[/caption]