Katastè Inferno

Katastè Meat Sauce just launched yet another delicious variant called Katastè Inferno. If you are a spicy lover this hot sauce is for you because its not just hot but spicy hot.

I and fellow CDOBloggers got to try this and its totally delicious even someone like me who is not a fan of hot sauce loves it. When you open the bottle and smell it, you can smell the strong aroma of "Siling Bisaya" (Visayan chili pepper) which is one of it's ingredients. "Siling Bisaya" is one of the spiciest chili that are harvested locally.

Katastè Inferno is a perfect match for anything, food or snacks. Just don't be fooled that at first taste its not spicy because you'll eventually taste its spicy taste later on. This is something that I like on this sauce, I get to enjoy its delicious taste before I endure its spicy hot taste.

Kataste Inferno1

Kataste inferno n Pizza

Kataste Inferno n Sisig

Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce

CDO Delicacy - Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce

For Kagayanons who love to eat and cook here's something new and flavorful sauce that we just discovered... Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce.

Kataste (pronounced as ka-tas-te) is short for Kagay-anon Taste. Originally created and prepared by Reynold Domingo. If you love the Capt. Richie’s Baby Back Ribs then you'll also love Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce for sure because the same man is behind the tasty food and sauces.

The sauce is made traditionally with oyster extract blended with sugarcane and spices. A perfect partner for grilled meat, barbecues, vegetables and stir fries. For tourist this can also be a delicious pasalubong to your love ones who love to home-cooked food to add a savory flavour to their dishes.

Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce is available in 2 variants:
Original (250ml) for Php 65.00
Hot & Spicy for Php 58.00

For orders see details below:
Address: 14th corner 21st Street in Nazareth (near Lourdes High School)
Contact Number: 0915-4430-588
Facebook Page: Katastè The 1st Oyster Meat Sauce

Boyong's Special Bagoong Hot & Spicy

Looking for something delicious to bring as pasalubong in Cagayan de Oro? I recommend you check out Boyong's Special Bagoong.
Bagoong is a Philippine condiment made of partially or completely fermented fish or shrimps and salt. The fermentation process also results in fish sauce. The preparation of bagoong can vary regionally in the Philippines.

Mangga with Bagoong

Bagoong is best enjoyed with green magoes, but you can also use it as side dishes for pinakbet, kare-kare and many more cuisines. Check on Boyong's Special Bagoong website they have recipes posted.

Boyong's Special Bagoong is available in different variants the original, spicy with pork and the newest addition the hot & spicy. You can buy the 350 grams at Php 130.00.

Boyong's Special Bagoong

You can buy Boyong's Special Bagoong at the following:

Ato Gyud Ni! Pasalubong Shop
East Concourse, Limketkai Center

Casa Luciana
Sgt. Angelo Velez St., Mabulay Subdivision

Happy Eggs
19th-2nd Streets, Nazareth

Louie’s Food To Go
SeriÑa Street, Carmen

Margo’s Meats & More
Tomas Saco St., Macasandig

MK Pasalubong Center
Gaston Park Circle

Pine Ham Factory Outlet
Corrales Avenue

Prime Meat & Deli
Rosario Arcade, Limketkai Center
Uptown Condotel, Pueblo De Oro

Urgena Fruits
South Concourse, Limketkai Center
Fruitstand, Divisoria

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