Explore Cagayan De Oro with StreetBy Mobile App

If you're a tourist who is traveling Cagayan de Oro for the first time. You should download StreetBy mobile app to help you exploring Cagayan de Oro City. This mobile app provides easy access on informations like hotels, attractions, local restaurants and events in the city. You can also do reservations and booking tickets for various activities and popular destinations. Most businesses you can see in the app are mostly home grown so it will help tourist to discover must visited place in Cagayan de Oro.

For local Kagay-anon who lives in the city you also need to download StreetBy because using the mobile app helps you earn deals and discounts when availing services or ordering food. And just recently they just launched the delivery services so you can easily order via the app and it will be delivered to your home for your convenience.

For local business, StreetBy provides great e-commerce for your business. No need to get your small business a costly website to setup and maintained. All you need is to become a provider for StreetBy.  And you will be able to allow costumers to access your products and services.
StreetBy Mobile up can be download via Google Play and itunes...


To show you a what the mobile app looks and how it work, Ive screenshot my first transaction using the mobile app. In this transaction I ordered a box of Classic Sylvannas from Pan-e Dolci.


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