Pepper Lunch Pinoy Fiesta

2:01 PM

Pepper Lunch Pinoy Fiesta Menu

Pepper Lunch Philippines just recently launched Pinoy Fiesta as an additional sizzling meals to enjoy on their menu. This Pepper Rice are two of the most popular Filipino dishes; Lechon Paksiw and Sisig.

Sisig Pepper Rice is served with pepper rice, corn, crushed pork cracklings, egg and sauce. Lechon Pepper Rice on the other hand is served with pork strips plus, pepper rice, corn, crushed pork cracklings and lechon sauce.

Pepper Lunch lechon Paksiw

Pepper Lunch Sisig

Pepper Lunch Pinoy Fiesta1

Pepper Lunch Pinoy Fiesta

Pepper Lunch Molten Ala ModeA must try dessert Pepper Lunch Molten Ala Mode.

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