Katastè Inferno

8:09 AM

Katastè Meat Sauce just launched yet another delicious variant called Katastè Inferno. If you are a spicy lover this hot sauce is for you because its not just hot but spicy hot.

I and fellow CDOBloggers got to try this and its totally delicious even someone like me who is not a fan of hot sauce loves it. When you open the bottle and smell it, you can smell the strong aroma of "Siling Bisaya" (Visayan chili pepper) which is one of it's ingredients. "Siling Bisaya" is one of the spiciest chili that are harvested locally.

Katastè Inferno is a perfect match for anything, food or snacks. Just don't be fooled that at first taste its not spicy because you'll eventually taste its spicy taste later on. This is something that I like on this sauce, I get to enjoy its delicious taste before I endure its spicy hot taste.

Kataste Inferno1

Kataste inferno n Pizza

Kataste Inferno n Sisig

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