Pepper Lunch in Cagayan de Oro

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Pepper Lunch Centrio

The popular Japanese restaurant in Asia is finally here in Cagayan de Oro - Pepper Lunch.

Pepper Lunch is a "fast-steak" restaurant concept that originated in Japan in 1994. It was created by Japanese chef and inventor, Mr. Kunio Ichinose who wanted to serve quality, fast food without the need to train a chef for years.
There are over 200 Pepper Lunch outlets in Japan and all over Asia, including South Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines.

At Pepper Lunch diners are the master Chef and get to cook their own food over a iron hot  plate that is heated up to 260 degrees Celsius within one minute.

Pepper Lunch 009

On the menu you can choose a variety of food to sizzle and experiment with the sauces and seasonings to create a taste of your own. They have Pepper Rice, Premium Steak, Teppan Pasta, Sizzling Curry Rice, Combo Deluxe and Japanese Classics. Additionally they also serve soup, mashed potato, salad and ice cream. Food price is from 55.00 - 395.00 (PHP).

Pepper Lunch 004

Pepper Lunch 027

Pepper Lunch Menu (3)

Curious on what on the menu? Here are some of the choices.

Pepper Lunch Menu (1)
Beef Pepper Steak. The best seller!

Pepper Lunch Menu (4)
Salmon Pepper Rice

Pepper Lunch Menu (5)
Tokusen "Big" Ribeye Steak

Pepper Lunch Menu (6)
Beef Sukiyaki with Udon

Pepper Lunch 152_Fotor
Hamburg Steak and BBQ Beef

Pepper Lunch Shake Salad
Seaweed Shake, Shake Salad

Pepper Lunch is located at the ground floor of Centrio Ayala Mall (Capt. V. Roa Street Entrance), Cagayan de Oro City.
Facebook: Pepper Lunch FB
Twitter: @PepperLunchPH
Instagram: Pepper Lunch PH

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