Kagay-an Lokal Musik Fest

8:06 AM

Centrio Mall introduces Kagay-an Lokal Musik Fest, a 5-day music festivity to give pride to local bands of Cagayan de Oro. Listen to the  music of the following bands in this event...

  • The Locals

  • John Fernandez

  • Acoustix Band

  • The Superflirts

  • DC Rak & Kuyawa Band

  • Sounds of the Junkyard

  • Fruhstuk

  • Banda ni Papet

  • Dear

  • Juan Enrico

  • CA Acoustics

  • Soulful Bliss

  • Miguel’s Band

  • Sound Mist

  • Baby Gravy

Enjoy a music festival here at Centrio Mall from August 25-29, 8-11PM at the Centrio Garden.

Kagay-an Lokal Musik Fest

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