Human Race Against Rotavirus

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500 of the country’s top pediatricians gathered at the Grand Ballroom, Pryce Hotel, Cagayan de Oro for the Vaccine Congress 2013 last January 27, 2013. With its theme; "Evolving Technology. Expanding Coverage. Protecting the next generation." they discussed best practices and share insights on how they can defeat the Rotavirus. This Rotavirus causes diarrhea among children aged 5 years old. 4000 children worldwide dies everyday and 13 children dies everyday as well in the Philippines because of this Rotavirus-related gastroenteritis.

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With the reduction of child mortality as pasrt of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the United Nations, saving children from rotavirus-related deaths counts among the most important missions countries must take--especially as this disease is highly preventable through vaccination. The World Health Organization's Strategic Group of Experts (SAGE) recommends that rotavirus vaccines be included in all national immunization programs, particularly in countries where diarrhea-related deaths account for more than 10% of deaths in children younger than 5 years.

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Marathon master Rio dela Cruz, better known as Coach Rio was also present in the event to lead the Human Race Against Rotavirus.

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