Dessert Strip Opened It's Centrio Mall Outlet

9:22 AM

[caption id="attachment_2761" align="aligncenter" width="550"]Dessert Strip Centrio Chef Hasset Go with Chef Maribel owner of Dessert Strip[/caption]

Dessert Strip opened there new outlet at the 3rd floor of Centrio Mall last November 9, 2012. At the opening of the 2nd outlet they also introduced 2 desserts; Dessert Bowl and Japanese Banh Mi Sandwich. Whether you are going to watch a movie at the Cinemas or take a break from playing at Timezone there's a dessert you can grab and enjoy from pastries, cookies, cakes and sandwich.

Dessert Strip Centrio3
Dessert Strip Centrio2
Dessert Strip Centrio
Japanese Banh Mi Sandwich
Dessert Strip Centrio4

Photo from Dessert Strip

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