Vegetarian Food At Vegetarian Store in Cagayan de Oro

It's another Sunday spent with friends at school! Today only me and Jacques attended commercial cooking because Bang and Rox were absent. At lunch, we tag along with our classmates who are also attending massage class in the afternoon. They recommended eating lunch at the vegetarian store nearby. It was actually my first time eating at a vegetarian store like that so I was really curious as to what food is served. Within the months that I'm studying at SDA (Seventh Day Advetist) Church I learned that SDA's does not eat pork meat and are more on a vegetarian diet. Healthy living as they say...
Anyways, here's the food that is sold at the vegetarian store...




Dabong - this is so tasty! It has vegie meat sausage.



You may think it has meat on it but its actually a vegetable made into meat of which called Veggie Meat. And mind you it taste way better than meat not to mention very healthy.
My learning doesn't end there, I mentioned above about veggie sausage right? Well, in that vegetarian store they also sell breads and canned veggie meats with different kinds, canned veggie sausage is one of them. It looks like canned goods, big in size and is sold a bit expensive in the store. I haven't taken a picture of the vegetarian products they sold in the store though, so I cant show you how it looks like... :( They say its one of the rare vegatarian stores in Cagayan de Oro who sell vegetarian products.

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