Miss Kagay-an 2012 Coronation Night Winners

10:29 PM

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Miss Kagay-an 2012 Winners:

Miss Kagay-an 2012 : Candidate #11 Greanne Trisha Mendoza

Miss City Tourism
Miss City Tourism : Candidate #1 Lovely Jane B. Estampa

Miss City Tourism
1ST Runner Up : Candidate #8 Emie Lou Yamba

Miss Kagay-an 2012 1st Runner Up
2ND Runner Up : Candidate #7 Leslie Ghan

Miss Kagay-an 2012 2nd runner up
3RD Runner Up : Candidate #3 Elaine Ghan

Miss Kagay-an 2012 3rd runner up


Major Awards:

Best in swimsuit: Candidate #4 Laurice Inosa
Best in Talent: Candidate #9 Roxinne Monterde
Best in Evening Gown: Candidate #2 Sidney Taboclaon

Special Awards:

Candidate #3 Elaine Ghan

  • Miss Belo Beauty of the Evening

  • Miss Photogenic

  • Miss Photogenic

  • Miss Friendship

  • Miss Kapuso

Candidate #11 Greanne Trisha Mendoza

  • Miss Goldilocks: Candidate

  • Darling of the Press

  • Miss Samsung

  • Miss Primavera

Candidate #2 Sidney Taboclaon

  • Miss Mags Casual Wear

  • Samantha's Choice

  • Miss Pink Spa

  • Miss Le Rouge

Miss Natasha: Candidate #6 Juriel Valledor

Miss Garden of Malasag: Candidate #8 Emie Lou Yamba

Miss Ever Bilena: Candidate #7 Leslie Ghan

Miss Avon: Candidate #4 Laurice Inosa #MissKagayan2012

Miss Nature Spring: Candidate #4 Laurice Inosa

Miss Kagayan 2012 Coronation Night

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