Massive Party Photoshoot At Club Tilt

This coming June 23, 2012, Amplified and Hype DJ's once again host another awesome party at Club Tilt. Bring your cameras and take a picture of your or friends most awesome party pose at Club Tilt and get a chance to win prizes. Its gonna be a Massive Party Photoshoot at Club Tilt with Amplified and Hype DJ's rockin the beats!

Contest Guidelines:

1. 18 Years old and above can join.
2. Amateur Photographers only.
3. All Images must be take during the June 23, 2012 Click Party at Club Tilt.
4. Raw images only. No Edited/Photo shopped Images.
5. Submit/Upload your entries to the FB Page of Click.
6. Deadline of submission June 27, 2012
7. Winners will be announced on June 30, 2012

Complete Name:
FB Account:

Answer this question: Why I party at Club Tilt?

Club Tilt Massive Party Photoshoot

For more info visi Club Tilt FB

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