Luna Musikalawaig: A Full Moon Music & Arts Festival

On May 5, 2012 enjoy a full day of fun activities at Ki Bathala Gardens, Baranggay Balaon, Talakag Bukidnon.
The Ki Bathala Garden is a natural permaculture farm which promotes overall health and a place of harmonious co-existence between nature and man.
Luna Musikalawaig Full Moon Festival is a tribute to the river through art, music and soul.
What is Kalawaig?
It’s the name of the river that passes through the garden and gives it life. In the native language it literally means water for the thirsty.
For the curious and cultural; Art installations from different artists from the Philippines will be showcasing their work for admiration all over the Ki Bathala Gardens.
For the health conscious; Team and individual sports will be played during the day to foster friendships and keep the body fit and healthy food and drinks will be served all throughout the event.
For those seeking a little education, seminars and forest walks are available.
For those who want to do something meaningful there will be reforestation activities along the riverbanks.
And for those who simply want to have fun, there are numerous activities and programs throughout the whole festival. And of course, there is the Music festival as the main event featuring 15 accomplished Musicians and Dj’s. It’s a complete existential experience and the first of its kind.

1. Brisom
2. The Camerawalls
3. Nyco Maca & DJ Madz
4. Nanay Mo

5. Foc Fashion
6.The Line Divides
7. Shuffled
8. Powerspoonz

9.Waway Saway and the Talaandig group
10.The Seven Tribes
11. Wiz
12. Tabularaza
13. Ruska
14. Kaa;pin
15. Gasulina
16. Red Hot Sili Peppers

Jeeps depart from Cagayan de oro city at scheduled times. Pick up points are at Dvsoria, Sm and airport. Special pick ups may be arranged at request.

Entrance Fee:
Entrance is Php350 including transportation from at to cdo exclusive of expenses one might incur inside but includes all access to the Ki Bathala Gardens and entertainment. If they choose to drive there entrance is Php200 per person.

Group rate promo: 5+1. For groups, every 6th guest is free

For more information see Frequently Asked Questions

For reservations or further info contact:
0928 946 5490 or
0915 130 1707 or

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