Carnival Rides at Maryrose Carnival Near Limketkai Center

4:55 AM

Every Kagay-an Festival Kagay-anons can experience the carnival rides infront of Limketkai Center (South Concourse). Maryrose Carnival will still be available until the first week of September. Enjoy the thrill of the different rides and games. Entrance fee is Php 20.00 and then rides fee varies from Php 30.00 to Php 50.00 per person. Note that kids and adult will have the same fee.

Sea Dragon Php 50 per head
Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon

Ferris Wheel Php 20 per head

Ferris Wheel

Scumble Php 30 per head


Battle Combat

Battle Combat

Swing Carousel Php 30 per head

Swing Carousel

Crazy Mouse Coaster Php 50 per head

Crazy Mouse Coaster
Gun Shots Php 10 per 12 shots

Gun Shots

Fire Brigade Php 30 per head

Fire Brigade

AirForce Php 25 per head


Bumper Php 50 per head


Zip Ride Php 50 per head

Zip Ride
Zip Ride

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