Missy Bon Bon Treats

Summer is coming and definitely all of you Kagay-nons would crave for something to help you cool down. Check out Missy Bon Bon for some great treats that will surely help you with the energy needed for summer activities.

Treat #1:

Missy Bon Bon offer new selection of breakfast meals to choose from.

Plus you can also save a great deal if you add on a desert and drinks on every meal.

Treat #2:

Love Discounts? Well, visit the Missy Bon Bon Facebook Fanpage and check out for a secret code for a 50% discount on a breakfast meal the next day. Just tell the cashier the secret code to avail of the discount. This discount can be use between 7:00-8:00 AM when you buy the breakfast meal mention along with the secret code.

Treat #3:

Gelato Rama! Get a FREE pass for the unlimited number of scoops of Gelato on Missy Bon Bon 1st year Anniversary on April 16, 2011.

All you need to do is get your card for a minimum purchase of Php 100 and complete all 10 stamps from March 15- April 16, 2011.

You might also wanna try this locally manufactured Dried Mangoes available at Missy Bon Bon.

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