Project Smile: A Photography Project by Coy Fuentes

4:31 PM

Project Smile is a concept-turned-photography project with one goal - to provide an alternative in terms of digital photography services.

As a photography enthusiast, Coy Fuentes saw the opportunity to go beyond photography as a hobby and turn it into a small business venture by providing services to cater the growing demand for creative events documentation through digital images - specially for weddings and debuts.

It is a growing fact that, though everyone wants to have the kind of quality photos that most established professionals in the city delivers, not everyone can have the opportunity. Reasons can go from full bookings to untimely or shortly prepared events - but most commonly, due to budget concerns. This is something that he realized and widely intends to make a difference.

Now competitively equipped with experience and equipments needed to properly cover different events, Coy decided to slowly reach out to potential clients through friends, references, social media, and other possible means hoping to find clients who are in need of a practically priced - quality based - photography service.

"I may not be like some of the best photographers in the City. I may not have their style of photography. I may not have the kind of equipments that they have. I may be just on the verge of catching up with their experience... but I do have the eye, the passion and the determination that they all have towards bringing quality work to every client. "
- Coy Fuentes
Now he is ready take a step forward towards this opportunity and bring my passion to your doorsteps. You can check to see his photos.

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Article from Project Smile: Coy Fuentes

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