Soccsksargen Bloggers In Promoting Mindanao

8:37 PM

While CDO Bloggers aims to promote not just Cagayan de Oro but also the true beauty of Mindanao through blogging, same goes with Davao Bloggers, Soccsksargen Bloggers and the newly organized Bukidnon Bloggers. This organizations has contributed a lot in promoting Mindanao all over the world. There blogs has made big impacts in showing that Mindanao is not just a place of terrorism and war but also major parts of Mindanao is guaranteed safe to travel for vacation and outdoor adventure.
Just the other day Soccsksargen Bloggers specifically Avel Manansala and Orman Manansala was featured on a local TV news- TV Patrol. The two won an award at the recently concluded Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao 2010.

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