Bukidnon Bloggers is Finally Organize!

3:29 PM

After the long always postponed plan for Bukidnon Blogging 101 and Make Money Online the event finally concluded yesterday at Edwad’s Grill and Seafood Restaurant. It was attended by 30 people and more Bukidnon bloggers and aspiring Bukidnon bloggers. All got interested listening to the topics discussed by the speakers who are from CDO Bloggers. Topics Tackled where:

  • Blogging 101 by Edward Ragpala

  • How to Customize your Blog by Richard Badlisan

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)/How to Promote your Blog by Eldie Aban

  • How to Become Authority to your Niche by Keneth Ragpala

  • How to Use Social Media/Networking for Blog Promotions by Venus Mabale

  • How Make Money Online by Runel Pequiro

  • About CDO Bloggers Inc. Group by Micheal Abonitalla

After the talks the organizational meeting for Bukidnon Bloggers takes place. They elected set of officers and organize the core group.

Congratulation to the newly organized Bukidnon Bloggers and to Bukidnononline.com for the success of Bukidnon Blogging 101 and Make Money Online.

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